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2018 Makeup Trends Every Makeup Artist Needs to Know About

2018 has been a year full of unusual and interesting fashion, social media and makeup trends. As a makeup artist, it is important to keep up with trends from all over the world. This way you can make sure you know exactly what looks people are going for and what you can recommend to clients. This year’s makeup trends include:


  • Bold looks
  • Festival looks
  • No makeup look

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Bold Looks


This year has been full of a variety of makeup looks. One of the top bold makeup looks this year is block eyeshadow. This is when you have one colour of shadow all over your eyelid and it has been blended out to create a gradual softer tone as the eyeshadow gets closer to your eyebrow. This makes it look as if you have used two similar colours when you have actually used one. The next look from 2018 is bold lipstick colours. People have been wearing a variety of lipstick shades ranging from very pale to dark. Bold lipstick creates a look that draws a lot of attention to your lip colour rather than face makeup. The shade of lipstick you wear can also change the size of your lips. For instance, if you wear dark lipstick it makes your lips appear smaller whereas if you wear a light coloured lipstick it makes your lips automatically appear a lot bigger.

cosmetics makeup trends colourful lipstick shades

Festival Looks


2018 has been a great year for festivals and events. With so many festivals attended there have been many trends that followed. From hair and face glitter to stick on gems. Face glitter for festivals was one of the most popular makeup trends this summer. With many colours of glitter to choose from, glitter could match any outfit. Another popular festival trend would be highlighter. This is used to give your cheekbones a soft and subtle shimmer when the sun hits your face. At festivals, people tend to apply more highlight than they usually would so they can look even more glowing and fresh when the sun catches the highlight.


No Makeup Look


The next trend of 2018 would be the no makeup look. This involves wearing makeup but in a way that looks like you aren’t wearing makeup. Applying fewer amounts of makeup may cover areas of the skin that you do not like without making it look like you are wearing makeup.

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